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Strong Start Charitable Organization
Our vision is that all children read. All children read. Our Mission: To provide programs and services through community-wide partnerships to help children learn to read. Our Goals: ◾Assist young children in learning essential early reading skills. ◾Build community by encouraging those who live and work in the community to be involved in supporting its children. ◾Provide a meaningful volunteer opportunity. Literacy skills are the strongest indicator of a child’s future success in life. The percentage of the population that reads at an acceptable level is a great predictor of the success of a community in maintaining economic growth and an excellent quality of life. Therefore, the community as a whole needs to take responsibility for helping children learn to read.

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Volunteer Action Centre
151 Frederick Street, Suite 500
Kitchener ON N2H 2M2

Phone: 519 742 8610
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Monday - Thursday
9 am - 4 pm
Friday: 9 am - 12 pm